Dasheroo and HubSpot: A Perfect Combination

Millions upon millions of individuals and companies rely on HubSpot and its robust list of tools, many of which are designed to assist with marketing, sales, and customer service.

While it’s easy enough to get started with HubSpot, it’s critical to go beyond the basics. And that’s where Dasheroo can help.

Track your HubSpot analytics right within your Dasheroo data dashboard! Add key email marketing, sales and CRM insights from HubSpot right alongside your social media marketing and website analytics KPIs to one great-looking dashboard.

There are 13 distinct HubSpot insights you can add to your Dasheroo dashboard, including:

  • Contacts
  • List growth
  • Contacts lifecycle funnel
  • Deals
  • Sources distribution
  • Top contacts by lead score
  • Workflow performance
  • Customers by source
  • Contacts by source
  • Visits by source
  • Top keywords by visits
  • Top keywords by contacts
  • Top keywords by leads

When it comes to sales and marketing, there aren’t many – if any – tools that can match HubSpot. For example, adding a “deals” insight to your dashboard will display the number of deals won, lost and total deals in a stacked area graph.

You’re paying good money to use HubSpot, so you might as well take full advantage of everything it has to offer. With the help of Dasheroo, you’ll always have a firm overview of your HubSpot account, thus allowing you to get more out of your subscription.

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