Impress Agency Clients with a Social Media Dashboard

Are you an agency owner? Do your clients expect you to do big things for them on social media? Are you struggling to share your progress?

Rather than rely on old-school methods of reporting and collaboration, it’s time to step into the future.

With Dasheroo, you can manage all your clients from a single account. Best yet, you’re able to share and collaborate on KPIs in a fully white-labeled experience.

Three Ways to Impress Your Clients

It’s one thing to sell clients on your social media services, but another thing entirely to impress them with the results.

Rather than spend hours on end creating spreadsheet reports, you can use Dasheroo to impress your clients. Here are three ways of doing just that:

  • Provide direct client access: With this, your clients can login any time they want to review results and collaborate on next steps. This saves you the hassle of sharing via email (although we give you that option, too).
  • Set your own pricing: You pay us for access to the system, but it’s up to you to set prices for your clients. Best yet, you can set a different price for different clients, allowing you to customize the experience and maximize profits.
  • Hundreds of integrations: Dasheroo integrates with all the most popular social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. But there’s more than that. You can also integrate with Google Analytics, HubSpot, and AWeber among others.

It goes without saying that your agency has a lot of competition in the social media space. By using Dasheroo for reporting and collaboration, you’re able to more easily keep your clients satisfied – and that’s exactly what you’re going for!

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