About Dasheroo

We make data easier to understand and act on so you can grow your business.

Data Overload! It's a growing challenge we have seen developing over the years, and it's a problem that’s been bugging us for a while now.

Most businesses, including ours, use between 15–20 different applications to run their biz. Each one generating a wealth of valuable data. Social media, marketing, web monitoring, online payments, CRM, you name it...the list is long. On top of that, it’s time-consuming, and often a real pain in the access to parse all that data, let alone understand it and use it to grow. We think that’s a shame.

So that’s why we’re building Dasheroo — a collaborative business dashboard that makes your data easier to understand and act on so you can grow your business.

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Dasheroo by the Numbers

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James ryan

James Ryan Co-Founder, VP Engineering

Josh feinberg

Josh Feinberg Co-Founder, VP Product

Court sansom

Court Sansom QA Engineer

Brian hill

Brian Hill Sales Manager

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