John Hingley

John Hingley here, I’ve been around the marketing, ecommerce and sales business for quite a while both full-time and consulting with great businesses.

What I found in any of the businesses I've had the pleasure of consulting with is there's one huge problem; lack of access to data, or not knowing what to do with it all that great info.

And the more apps and social networks you use, the bigger the problem.

So if you want the whole, long story about Dasheroo's genesis, read our blog, it's pretty cool.

Bottom line is that most businesses:

  • Scurry around trying to find the reports from all the apps all they use,
  • Shove them into spreadsheets and Google Docs (or ignore them),
  • Do it at the last minute, if at all,
  • Don't keep up-to-the-minute track of what's moving the business
  • So, they don't leverage all that great info to make smarter decisions to grow their business

Dasheroo gives any business access to the key data you need from your apps in one place, updated for you automatically so you can make business decisions in the NOW, not in the past.

I was super lucky to get the attention of James Ryan, Josh Feinberg, Alf Brand and Janine Popick who wanted to join in solving this problem so many businesses have.

The Dasheroo Founders

Collectively, our team knows business applications and how to build them so they provide tons of value.

On top of this awesome team, I was able to raise money from our loving friends and family. Thanks for that, again (for some of you it's start-up #3!). I was also fortunate to get the interest of an amazing VC, Cloud Apps Capital Partners. They believe in everything we’re about; delivering productive business apps in a ‘business freemium’ model. Matt Holleran and Judy Loehr have been amazing to work with.

Down to the brass tacks: it's free. Yup, free. Small biz guys need a break, but we figure you’ll pay for valuable bells and whistles you really need at some point. So that’s the deal, it’s free, you’ll love all of the functionality you get and when you grow, we grow. Can we shake on that?

So take us for a spin, we're ready to grow and grow fast. And if you like us, please tell your friends. We don’t want to spend our money on advertising, we’d rather give it to you in the form of a stellar product.


John, James, Josh, Alf & Janine


Launched Dasheroo for Agencies!


First to market with official Pinterest analytics dashboard integration!


Anounces official Tall, Grande & Venti pricing packages. Stripe, PayPal, Shopify and Google Ecommerce integrations launched.


Dasheroo closes Series A round of funding, tears off the Beta label & officially launches!


Google Sheets, RSS, YouTube, Emma and Facebook Ads integrations launched


Founding team is 100% full-time


Dasheroo Austin moves in and opens for business

Facebook page hits 10K fans


Dasheroo Beta hits 1,000 users


Dasheroo launches public Beta and 6 more integrated apps


Dasheroo Alpha launches with insights for Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, & MailChimp


John & James launch Dasheroo, the company, to solve the "too much data" problem


Idea doodled on the back of a napkin: "Too much data – One dashboard for all of it"


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