Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up an Automated Welcome Email In

We love Salesforce, it’s such a powerful tool to not only have all of your customer data in one place and accessible, but with all of the integrations they have on the Appexchange it’s a must-use. BTW, shameless self-promotion time: we have a free integration where you can have all of your Dasheroo dashboards right inside your Salesforce account. It’s pretty cool, give it a try.

On that note, we’ve been using Salesforce to gather leads and identify prospects. Once that prospect becomes a user we want to do 2 things: 1.) send an automated welcome email to anyone who signs up to become a user and 2.) move them along the sales cycle with a time-based nurture campaign. So we looked long and hard for a tool that a) was free and b) used within Salesforce. After a long time looking we found it.

So I felt compelled to write this after I spent countless hours to try to figure out how to do a simple welcome email from a Salesforce web-to-lead form and then a time-based nurture email campaign in None of it makes common sense so I’ll start off like that. Here we’ll talk about the welcome email campaign but you’ll see how to take it to the next level with a time-based nurture campaign, almost the same steps.

Step 1 – Set Up Your Email Communication Templates In SalesforceScreen Shot 2016-02-20 at 10.26.42 AM

You have to do this first, because the step you take later draw from your templates.

Setup > Communication Templates > Create or update email templates > New Template > Text or HTML > Save in Unified Public Templates.

Step 2 – Create an Email Alert

Yes “Email Alert” is a misnomer, alert implies that you want to alert one of your sales folks to that fact that something happened. But this is what you have to create in order to send your welcome email.

Setup > Create > Workflows & Approvals > Email Alerts > Create New Alert > Name it > Select Object (in this case contact but it could be lead) > Select Email Template > Recipient Type: Search: Email Field for: Email (this is very important) > Add any additional email address to cc (we add the one that puts an activity in Salesforce so we know the email was sent > Select from address > Save


Salesforce welcome email

Step 3 – Process Builder

This is where the magic happens. It’s not totally intuitive but it’s really powerful.

Setup > Create > Workflows & Approvals > Process Builder > My Processes > New > Name it > Add an object (in this case Lead)

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 10.45.09 AM

Add criteria > Name Criteria (in this case mine was Agency WTLF – web-to-lead form) > Select Conditions are Met > Set Conditions (in this case based on Lead Source > Conditions: All of the conditions are met

Salesforce welcome email

Immediate Action > Add Action (since we want it to fire immediately after a lead is created): Select and Define Action > Email Alert (in this case) > Name It >

Salesforce welcome email

Start Typing the name of the email alert you want to go out to these people > Select it.

Salesforce welcome email

Save > Activate

Whew, really? Yep. You can do a lot with Process Builder like after an action you can schedule nurture campaigns, you’d select “Scheduled Actions” instead of “Immediate Actions” from the time a Salesforce record was created which we’re also doing.