Dasheroo Partner Spotlight: Infusionsoft

Jeremy Maher, InfusionsoftFrom time to time we like to introduce our Dasheroo customers to the partners we integrate with. This week we are delighted to focus our spotlight on Infusionsoft, the awesome CRM, sales, ecommerce and marketing tool that enables you to manage all of your important KPIs for your business.

Jeremy Maher, an entrepreneur and Infusionsoft’s Referral Partner Manager, was kind enough to answer a few questions for us! For more information about our partnership with Infusionsoft check it out, or watch the video.

Who is Infusionsoft’s primary customer?

Our primary customers are small business owners who are looking to get organized, remove repetitive manual admin tasks, make sure none of their leads slip through the cracks and utilize our marketing automation to get customer referrals on autopilot.

Why would you say customers like Infusionsoft more than a competitor you have?

Our software is unique. Another reason is our culture. We are known for amazing customer service because we align each customer with a coach offering free telephone and chat support. Our software is also very robust and allows small business owners to work ON their business and not IN their business.

What are your top 3 killer features?

1) Automate marketing follow-up so the business owner or employees don’t have to do all of it. We use intelligent behavioral marketing, so the email messages can change depending on how the client reacts. This gives the business owner the ability to send personal email without having to type them up all the time.

2) Keep everything organized so no one slips through the cracks and all the leads, prospects and client’s information is in one place. We have a full contact management system that keeps the database organized.

3) Ecommerce – Unlike most systems that only do the contact management, we also have an ecommerce platform. This allows business owners to provide invoices, quotes, recurring payments and allows the client to pay online. Infusionsoft is the ecommerce, contact management and marketing, so when that client pays online or through another channel, it can update the contact record and change the marketing. This way the client doesn’t get an email a day or two later asking them to purchase when they just bought a few days ago.

How much might someone pay to use Infusionsoft?

Our monthly amounts normally range from $199-$299/mo. We also provide a coach to implement and help with marketing best practices. The cost for that ranges from $699-$1699 depending on the business needs. We set up several things that we have found to be the most vital to small business success. To learn more feel free to call me directly at 480-499-6849 or email [email protected].

What’s awesome about working there?

We have an amazing culture here. I run a small business on the side and Infusionsoft not only accepts that, but encourages it. We truly care about small businesses and our culture shows that. I get to help small business owners every day.

What’s your hobby?

Living in Arizona makes it nice and easy to golf all the time : -)

P.S. Check out Dasheroo’s free trial of Infusionsoft metrics in your Dasheroo dashboards!