Impress Agency Clients with a Social Media Dashboard

Are you an agency owner? Do your clients expect you to do big things for them on social media? Are you struggling to share your progress?

Rather than rely on old-school methods of reporting and collaboration, it’s time to step into the future.

With Dasheroo, you can manage all your clients from a single account. Best yet, you’re able to share and collaborate on KPIs in a fully white-labeled experience.

Three Ways to Impress Your Clients

It’s one thing to sell clients on your social media services, but another thing entirely to impress them with the results.

Rather than spend hours on end creating spreadsheet reports, you can use Dasheroo to impress your clients. Here are three ways of doing just that:

  • Provide direct client access: With this, your clients can login any time they want to review results and collaborate on next steps. This saves you the hassle of sharing via email (although we give you that option, too).
  • Set your own pricing: You pay us for access to the system, but it’s up to you to set prices for your clients. Best yet, you can set a different price for different clients, allowing you to customize the experience and maximize profits.
  • Hundreds of integrations: Dasheroo integrates with all the most popular social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. But there’s more than that. You can also integrate with Google Analytics, HubSpot, and AWeber among others.

It goes without saying that your agency has a lot of competition in the social media space. By using Dasheroo for reporting and collaboration, you’re able to more easily keep your clients satisfied – and that’s exactly what you’re going for!

How to Impress Clients With Reports

As an agency owner, there’s nothing more important than impressing your clients.

While you’ll spend most your time and energy on generating top of the line results, there’s something else to remember: the way you share data with your clients is every bit as important.

Fortunately, with the help of Dasheroo for Agencies, you can impress your clients with every report you create and share. Here’s how:

1. Direct Access for Collaboration

While it may not be necessary for every client, some will request direct access. Fortunately, we make it simple to provide access with a couple clicks of the mouse.

From there, your clients can review, you can collaborate, and any changes can be made on the fly.

2. Deliver on a Schedule

For those clients that don’t need direct access, you have the power to share reports via email.

Best yet, you don’t have to manually send reports upon completion (unless you want to, of course). Instead, you can schedule them for daily, weekly, or monthly delivery. Talk about impressive!

3. Same Format Every Time

There’s nothing more unprofessional than altering the report format from month to month.

One month you send a Word doc, but the next you send a PDF. One month your logo is at the top, but the next you include your client’s.

If you want to impress your clients – while also making their life easier – you need to create and stick with a standard format. We make it simple to plug in the necessary data, all the while retaining the same look and feel.

Final Thoughts

Along with the above, here’s an excerpt from our website with a bit more information on why Dasheroo for Agencies is the right choice:

The world’s most respected agencies and brands rely on Dasheroo’s platform to track their client’s KPIs. Our cloud-based tools are both secure, reliable and backed by top-tier customer support.

So, if you’re ready to impress your clients with killer reports, you’re in the right place.

Hey, Agency Owners! Save Time on Reporting

As an agency owner, there is no better feeling than bringing a new client into the fold.

While this is a big boost for your business, it also means more responsibility. Not only do you have to complete the work you promise, but you also need to create and share reports to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Here’s the problem: you spend so much time doing big things for your clients that you come up short in regards to reporting.

You have the option to manually create reports for each client, but this becomes more demanding as your business grows. Additional challenges associated with this approach include:

  • Time requirement to create a single report
  • Potential for data inaccuracies
  • The overall appearance of the report

Do you really want to spend hours on end creating a report? Are you okay with the idea of including inaccurate data (hopefully not)? What will your clients think when they receive a report that looks like it was created in 1999?

Fortunately, you no longer have to bog yourself down with these common challenges associated with client reporting. Dasheroo has you covered.

Not only can you quickly customize each report with a variety of insights, but you can also take advantage of features such as:

  • Alerts (so you keep track of the good and bad in real time)
  • Email dashboards
  • Export dashboards to PDF or PNG format for easy sharing
  • Invite unlimited people to share and collaborate
  • Slideshow mode for internal use and/or presentations

Note: our Free, Tall, Grande, and Venti plans are great for individuals and companies of all sizes, but it’s our agency plan that will suit you best.

In the past, you may have struggled with the creation and sharing of client reports.

Now, you can use Dasheroo to save time and impress your clients – and there’s nothing better than that!