A Social Media Dashboard Can Help Address Client Questions

Last month, we detailed some of the many ways to impress agency clients with a social media dashboard. As a quick recap, we touched on the following:

  • Provide direct client access
  • Hundreds of integrations
  • Comprehensive reporting

With the help of a social media dashboard, you can keep your clients in the loop in regards to what’s working, what’s not, strategical adjustments, and much more.

A dashboard can also help answer a variety of client questions, which can save you a good amount of time. These often pertain to details such as:

  • How a particular campaign is performing
  • Potential strategy changes
  • Reasons for an underperforming campaign
  • Growth over a specified period of time (one week, one month, one year, etc.)
  • How to harness the power of top performing social media platforms

So, for example, a client may come to notice a recent explosion in regards to Twitter engagement.

Rather than bombard you with questions, your client can review their social media dashboard for a clear idea of what’s happened. You can do the same, which puts both parties on track for a meaningful discussion.

Final Thoughts

It’s your job to provide your clients with as much data as possible, in a clear and concise manner. By using a social media dashboard, you’re able to do just that – while also proving your worth as an agency.

Even if your client is cool on the idea of using a dashboard, give them access anyway. Once they see what’s available to them, they may warm to the idea of using it to their advantage.

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