Transcend Social: Sharing Great Dashboards With Clients is a Win-Win

Dasheroo Transcend Social customerAt Dasheroo, we love hearing cool stories from our customers. This is particularly true when they tell us how our business
dashboards save them time and money. Raffe Gold, CEO of Transcend Social, is one of the most interesting guys you will ever meet. And not just because his company has offices on three continents!

What do they do? Transcend Social provides you with a fully-featured, end-to-end service to help you create, maintain and take advantage of everything that online marketing has to offer. A truly awesome agency.

Dasheroo Steps Up for Transcend Social

As the CEO of a company that is spread out all over the world, Raffe was looking for a way to stay connected, share data, and of course, provide clients with a higher level of service.

After many months of using another service that cost Transcend Social entirely too much money, his search for a new business dashboard provider began. This time around, affordability and a “straight forward” approach was priority number one.
Gold said, “We have been using Dasheroo for five months, and have fallen in love with the unified view of metrics, the awesome data visualization, and the value it provides.”

Saving Time with Dasheroo

A company like Transcend Social and a CEO like Raffe Gold do not have a lot of time to waste. Unfortunately, this is exactly what they were doing before finding Dasheroo.

It took many weeks to gather and translate data, review results, and implement changes. Imagine doing this for hundreds of clients. Doesn’t sound fun, does it?

While saving time, Raffe also found that Dasheroo provided a leg up on the competition. Many other agencies only look at numbers. They don’t share “engagement” data with clients. And they definitely don’t share information on the reasoning behind engagement. Transcend Social now has a unique selling feature that clients eat up!

A Feature for Everyone

Every TS-Dasheroo user has his or her own way of doing things. The Transcend Social team was looking for a distinct set of features, with Raffe sharing the following:

“Dashboard exports make it so easy for us to send professional looking reports to clients whenever we want. Furthermore, we enjoy the different themes as this allows us to add some color and life.”

Additionally, and just as important, is the way that Dasheroo enables client communication within its dashboards. “We are always in touch with our clients, so being able to add and read comments in the dashboard is a big deal,” he added.

The Many Sides of Dasheroo

In a relatively short period of time, Transcend Social has found many ways to use Dasheroo.

Previously, the company struggled to create data-filled reports that clients could understand. Upon implementing Dasheroo business dashboards, Raffe has gained new insight on client campaigns.

“Engagement rate insights are awesome. Anyone would love to see these, however, other services don’t offer such data. The ability to see the quantified number of people engaging is fantastic.”

All in all, Raffe Gold loves Dasheroo because it “speaks to him.” He doesn’t want to browse an Excel spreadsheet for hours on end or spend time creating complex reports. We are upfront and center, and that is huge for him!

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