SeaLink Travel Group: Managing KPIs All In One Spot

Sealink Travel Group LogoThe SeaLink Travel Group is one of Australia’s largest travel and tourism businesses and an early adopter of Dasheroo. After learning that the company uses us to track KPIs associated with many of its 11 brands, we reached out to learn more.

Rubina Carlson, SeaLink’s Digital Marketing Coordinator, is tasked with managing five of the company’s 11 brands! With three to four social media networks for each brand, it’s easy to see how Rubina could run into issues with tracking KPIs, time management, and measuring performance.

We touched based with Rubina to discuss how Dasheroo helps each brand outperform the competition. Here’s her story (don’t be surprised if it sounds familiar!)

Loads of Responsibility

Responsibility is a word Rubina Carlson knows all too well. Managing five top performing brands – including SeaLink Kangaroo Island, Captain Cook Cruises PS Murray Princess, Kangaroo Island Odysseys, Kangaroo Island Adventure Tours, and Adelaide Sightseeing – is no simple task.

From managing social media accounts to optimizing paid advertising campaigns (AdWords and Bing), every day is packed full of data, statistics, and of course, many questions from some of the company’s 600+ employees.

With so much on her plate, Rubina found herself spread thin and unable to work in an efficient manner.

Her Challenges

Managing data for one brand is difficult enough. Doing so for five brands can be a next to impossible task.

With a strong focus on digital marketing, SeaLink must take advantage of the KPIs that are available. This means three things:

  •   Measuring what is and isn’t working.
  •   Assessing the strategy daily (if not hourly).
  •   Optimizing for better results.

And when all this is done, there are still monthly reports to be created for the management team.

Then Came Dasheroo…

Before implementing Dasheroo, Rubina struggled to find enough time in the day to manage each brand, optimize, and track key data. But ever since discovering Dasheroo, things have changed.

She said, “I came to learn more about Dasheroo after reading rave reviews in a large Facebook group for Australian digital marketers. While I checked out a few competitors, it was the features and price that caught my eye.”

After creating the dashboard, Rubina experienced what she had been missing. Soon enough, her monthly reporting time dwindled from three days to three hours. Best yet, the reports included more detailed information, including targeted data for each social media platform and campaign.

Rubina discussed a variety of other benefits provided by Dasheroo:

  •   Ability to create a dashboard for each brand.
  •   Easy to review and understand the data.
  •   Direct impact on marketing programs.
  •   Data visualization tool that makes the information easy to digest.

When asked about her favorite feature, Rubina shared the following:

“I enjoy the fact that Dasheroo supports every platform we use. This guarantees that I can review the most important data for each brand, all in the same place.”

What’s Next?

In the months to come, the SeaLink Travel Group plans on implementing sharing as a means of getting more employees involved.

And of course, just like many of you, Rubina and the rest of her team are looking forward to Alerts.

“Dasheroo has allowed me to more efficiently and effectively manage five brands that are essential to SeaLink’s success. In the future, we’ll definitely look into additional integrations.”

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