The Ultimate Infusionsoft
Sales and Marketing Dashboard

View your Infusionsoft data like never before, beautifully, right alongside all of your important social media and web analytics.

Visually track your most important data without having to log into Infusionsoft CRM as well as the multiple applications you want to track data from. Collaborate with your team to keep everyone up to date from one place.

Keep an Eye on Key Infusionsoft Metrics

Opportunity Pipeline

View a funnel insight of the number of opportunities in different sales stages.

Infusionsoft Opportunity Pipeline

Revenue vs. Refund

Compare your Infusionsoft revenue with your refunds for the given time period.

Infusionsoft Opportunity Pipeline

Ecommerce Overview

View a snapshot of your ecommerce site's performance.

Infusionsoft Opportunity Pipeline

Opportunities by Rep

View the number of opportunities currently being worked on by different sales representatives and how it is trending.

Infusionsoft Opportunity Pipeline

Product Leaderboard

View a leaderboard report of the products that contribute to most revenue in the given time period.

Infusionsoft Opportunity Pipeline

Connecting Infusionsoft & all of the applications you track metrics from is easier than ever!

Keep an Eye on Social Media Analytics Too!

Measure engagement and spot trends from a single analytics dashboard.

Are people engaging with your Tweets? Is your message resonating with followers? Find out in a flash when you can easily spot trends!

Twitter Dashboard

From quick snapshots of how you're to staying on top of your Facebook ads - we’ve got you covered.

Facebook Dashboard

Track the engagement rate on your Boards, Products or Article Pins over time with Pinterest analytics.

Pinterest Dashboard

See which photos are driving the most Likes and Comments. Track your Instagram Analytics over time and see the growth of your overall profile.

YouTube Dashboard

Stay on top of your overall YouTube analytics in a heartbeat! Dig in and track views and engagement on your videos.

YouTube Dashboard

Keep up with personal connections and recommendations, as well as company followers and post engagement.

LinkedIn Dashboard

Keep an Eye on KPIs — Together!

Collaborate with your team to keep everyone up to date from one place.


Your Infusionsoft Dashboard Is Just the Beginning!

Create Dasheroo dashboards to stay on top of the business analytics from all of your favorite applications. From Infusionsoft to Google Analytics and Adwords to ecommerce analytics, we’ve got ‘em. Dasheroo is the one stop business dashboard for all of your business analytics.

Get Your Free Dasheroo Account!

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Build dashboards using pre-built insights for these apps and more!


How Do You Dasheroo?

From small biz to startup teams to enterprise companies, learn how Dasheroo can work for you.

Small Biz Teams

What is a KPI?

Learn how to use key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of your business.

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