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Small Business Dashboard

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Quit logging into all of your applications to check stats, measure engagement, and spot trends. With Dasheroo you can do all that and more from one place – We’re the dashboard for your dashboards.

Customize Your Own Small Business Dashboard with Your Favorite Applications

Facebook Dashboard

Web analytics is at the core of any online business. Track it all right next to the other KPIs you need to be monitoring on a daily basis.

Google Analytics Dashboard
Facebook Dashboard

From quick snapshots of how you’re doing in each of your Facebook Page KPIs to staying on top of the amount you’re charged each time someone clicks on your Facebook ads – we’ve got you!

Social Media Dashboard
Instagram Dashboard

See which photos are driving the most Likes and Comments. Track your Instagram followers over time for a true gauge of profile health.

YouTube Dashboard
Twitter Dashboard Twitter Dashboard

Are people engaging with your Tweets? Is your message resonating with followers? Find out in a flash, on your dash!

PayPal Dashboard

From revenue to refunds, it’s all here.

PaypalIn Dashboard

Email Marketing

We integrate with the world’s most popular email marketing applications.

Track all of your important metrics on one slick email marketing dashboard. You want to see a quick snapshot of how much your list has grown? You got it. How about your engagement over time? It’s right there, ready for you to track in real time.

“With Dasheroo I was able to create a dashboard in a few minutes that showed me everything I need to know!”