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Track Your Pinterest Analytics in One Nifty Dashboard

Having access to your Pinterest metrics in one place is next to nirvana isn’t it?

You want to see a quick snapshot of how many followers you have? You got it. How about your engagement rate on your Product or Article Pins over time? It’s right there, ready for you to track.

The best part? You can customize your own Pinterest dashboard depending on what you’d like to track. You can even include insights from other applications (like Google Analytics, Shopify or PayPal) right next to your Pinterest analytics on one dashboard to see if you’re moving the traffic needle.

Pinterest Dashboard
“With Dasheroo I was able to create a dashboard in a few minutes that showed me everything I need to know!”
Sarah, Owner S&S Spice Co.


View your overall Pinterest account performance.

Pinterest Dashboard


View the total number of followers in your Pinterest account in the given time period.

Pinterest Followers


View the total number of comments, likes, and repins across all boards and see how they are trending in the given time period.

Pinterest Engagement

Engagement Rate

View the rate of engagement across all boards in your Pinterest account and how it trends in the given time period.

Pinterest engagement rate

Engagement Rate by Boards

View engagement rate by board and see how it trends in the given time period. Choose up to 5 boards.

Pinterest engagement rate by board

Boards Leaderboard

View a tabular chart of the different boards in your Pinterest account ranked by number of followers.

Pinterest Board Leaderboard

Best Performing Pins

View the most popular Pins in your account.

Best performing pinterest pins

Popular Rich Pin Types

View a pie chart of your different Rich Pin types and how much engagement each one contributes.

Popular rich pinterest pins


View the top influencers for your Pinterest account.

Pinterest influencers

Keep an Eye on Key Metrics – Together

Measure engagement, spot trends, and collaborate with your team to keep everyone up to date from one place.

Dashboard Collaboration

Your Pinterest Dashboard Is Just the Beginning!

Create Dasheroo dashboards to stay on top of the business analytics from all of your favorite applications. From Google Analytics and Adwords to Salesforce and ecommerce analytics, we’ve got ‘em. Dasheroo is the one stop business dashboard for all of your business analytics.

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Need more? Dasheroo has Tons of additional features including:

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Pre-built dashboards with the top applications and reports get you up and running fast!

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TV Mode

Great for collaborating and presenting your dashboards in meetings.

Build dashboards with these apps and more!


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From small biz to startup teams to enterprise companies, learn how Dasheroo can work for you.

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