Dashboard Pricing

Choose the brew that works for you! All plans come with a quad shot of features including dashboard templates, metric alerts, iOS & Android app access, customer support and much more.


What is a Data Window?

Data window refers to the amount of data you can include when creating a custom data range query for your dashboard. Our free plan will provide the most recent 30 days of data whereas other plans include support for 6 or 12 months of data (viewed at a max. of 180 days at a time).

Note: Dasheroo starts to collect your data when you first connect an app; Many connected applications do not allow us to retrieve historical data. If your account is young, you may not have accumulated enough data to completely fill your data window yet. Over time, you will be able to analyze your collected data up to your plan’s defined data window.

What is a Mashup Insight?

A Mashup insight is a special kind of insight that allows you to take metrics from two different apps and “mash them up” together on a line chart graph. It provides a unique way to analyze your metrics by helping you spot interesting correlations and trends.

What is an Organization?

An organization is a group of dashboards that are accessible and visible to only a specific set of invited users. This feature is often used by agencies or companies who manage multiple clients and/or teams and need to keep their dashboards separated.