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Dasheroo Announces New Platform: Dasheroo for Agencies – Enabling Businesses With Multiple Clients and Teams Powerful Data Management

Leading business dashboard provider now empowers agencies and teams to view how marketing efforts are performing across multiple clients or groups from one web application.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (PRWEB) December 15, 2015

Dasheroo, business dashboard provider for businesses worldwide, today announced Dasheroo for Agencies. The new platform enables an internet advertising or marketing agency, web consultants or enterprises needing to manage multiple clients the ability to connect client data to dashboards and share with them how they are performing.

An agency can now log into Dasheroo and see all of the metrics for all of their clients and teams from one place. They can invite their clients to see specific dashboards and view how their marketing, web and sales channels are performing. Additionally, they can quickly see if they need to make any necessary changes to affect or capitalize on a metric. The agency can also export these dashboards to a branded PDF and present professional-looking reports to their clients.

“Dasheroo has focused on displaying metrics for businesses in a way that is understandable and actionable,” said John Hingley, CEO of Dasheroo. “Now we’re taking it a step further by enabling an agency or manager of multiple teams to view and analyze dashboards from one place, saving them time and helping them understand how their clients’ metrics are doing, quickly.”

The company now integrates with over 26 of the most popular applications, including Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Shopify, and Paypal, as well as a host of other business applications. Dasheroo provides over 220 reports from these data sources for an agency to track on behalf of their clients.

“Dasheroo for Agencies saves us days if not weeks of time each month gathering and translating our clients’ data,” said Raffe Gold, CEO of Transcend Social. “Now we can easily show and explain the ROI of our marketing efforts to the client. To be able to comment and collaborate right on a dashboard with our clients shows them we’re really working with them to be successful. It’s a real win for the agency.”

Dasheroo for Agencies is available now at an introductory price of $129/month.

About Dasheroo

Dasheroo provides business dashboards that empower users around the world to access and instantly take action on the most important key performance indicators they have to grow their business. The application is free of charge and enables teams to track and collaborate on the business analytics across the company in one dashboard. Dasheroo is proud to be backed by Cloud Apps Capital Partners and is located in both San Francisco, CA and Austin, TX.
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