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Dasheroo Provides Businesses Payments and Ecommerce Dashboards from Several Leading Applications

Leading business dashboard provider seamlessly integrates with popular payments and ecommerce applications to further enable businesses to gather and act on all of their data from one simple dashboard.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (PRWEB) September 30, 2015

Dasheroo, business dashboard provider for small and medium-size businesses worldwide as well as agencies and enterprises, today announced that it has integrated with four leading payments applications, allowing businesses to track the performance of their ecommerce metrics alongside other important business key performance indicators.

The company integrates with over 24 of the most popular applications, including Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as and a host of others. Now Dasheroo integrates with payments providers and tracking solutions PayPal, Stripe, Shopify and Google Analytics Ecommerce. These companies all provide payments solutions that enable businesses worldwide to accept and/or track ecommerce payments from their customers.

“There is an incredible number of businesses that use these applications not only to easily take payments from their customers but to track revenue, sales orders, refunds and all of the analytics that go with being a successful ecommerce business,&rdlqou; said John Hingley, co-founder and CEO of Dasheroo. “At Dasheroo we aim to help businesses grow by delivering them the data they need from their sales channels while saving them time from logging into dozens of applications to try to make sense of it all, especially with the holidays fast approaching.”

Dasheroo provides businesses access to important sales analytics like trends in orders, sales, refunds and customers over time. Businesses can now easily visualize if there are any actions to take to improve results. They can also view at a glance where customers are coming from, if they are new or repeat customers and at what rate they are abandoning shopping carts. These business dashboards, viewed alongside the rest of the business metrics, provide a consolidated view of the entire ecommerce business.

“The way we can now easily see Stripe and PayPal payments with all of our business analytics in a single 3rd- party dashboard requiring very little setup, is a huge weight off of our shoulders,” said Dieter Marlovics, CEO ReallyColor. “At ReallyColor, enabling our customers to transform their photos into coloring pages with our patent pending technology and telling the world about what we do, is where we want to spend our time and resources, not on amalgamating business intelligence data. With Dasheroo, we can easily see website conversions on our website right alongside our sales, and this gives us the ability to make critical marketing and investment decisions more quickly.”

Dasheroo will continue to offer additional applications that enable businesses to track key performance indicators in their business dashboards.

About Dasheroo

Dasheroo provides business dashboards that empower users around the world to access and instantly take action on the most important key performance indicators they have to grow their business. The application is free of charge and enables teams to track and collaborate on the business analytics across the company in one dashboard. Dasheroo is proud to be backed by Cloud Apps Capital Partners and is located in both San Francisco, CA and Austin, TX.
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