Dasheroo Data Security

First and foremost, your data is always YOUR data. We will never sell, share or provide access to your data to any 3rd parties. Second, we never store the usernames and passwords to the apps you connect to your Dasheroo account.
We use https by default for all Dasheroo users. This means that your browser is told to communicate with Dasheroo using a secure connection, as indicated by the "https" rather than "http” in https://www.dasheroo.com. This uses Transport Layer Security (TLS), formerly known as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and makes the communication between your browser and Dasheroo's servers more secure.
3rd Party App Connection
You'll notice that when connecting a new app you are granting access via an authentication screen provided by your current app provider. This authentication allows us to securely make a connection between your app provider and your Dasheroo account using the highly secure method of Public Key Encryption.
Data Security
The authentication tokens that allow us to access your various data sources are stored in encrypted form on databases that are not accessible from the Internet. The encryption used for this storage is the industry standard Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)-256 encryption algorithm - the same one used by most banks and financial institutions to protect sensitive data.

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