It’s so time consuming to gather, report on & analyze all our client’s data!

“Dasheroo saves us time by aggregating the key metrics we monitor with our clients. This used to be a manual process that's now automated and always available. Our clients are loving it.”

Need access to the apps your clients use to report on all of the hard work you’re doing? Dasheroo streamlines reporting across all of your clients so you can focus on differentiating your services and growing your business.

You’ll be able to provide consistent metrics and professional-looking reporting to your clients every time. Plus, with our ‘organizations’ feature you can keep each client’s reporting separate, and with our sharing and commenting, collaborate as you wish.

Tons of great features including:

All in one place

Aggregate all of your clients’ data all in one place! No more spending hours gathering data from multiple apps.

Client Management

Easy client management with your easy to set-up Organizations.

Starter Templates

Pre-built dashboards with the top applications and reports get you up and running fast!


Share dashboards with your clients or team members as you like.

Add Perspective

With easy-to-add comments, give everyone who views your dashboard the relevant context about a particular insight.

TV mode

Great for collaborating and presenting in meetings.

Build your dashboard using our library of pre-built insights for apps including these and more!