Track your Instagram analytics right within your Dasheroo data dashboard! Add key Instagram insights and measure your KPIs in your real-time social media dashboard.

If you see an Instagram post that has a high engagement rate, click on the post in your Dasheroo Recent Posts insight. You’ll be taken directly to that Instagram post. Follow the people that like your post and answer any comments.

You also might consider the hashtags you used, the type of content you posted and time of day. Then replicate it!

Track all of your Instagram analytics and KPIs in one free Dasheroo dashboard.


View the cumulative number of Followers, Following and Posts by day.



View the total number of Followers by day.



View the total number of people you are Following by day.


View the total number of Posts by day.



View a rolling total of likes and comments for your posts in the given time period.

Engagement static

Engagement Rate

View the engagement rate of your Instagram account and how it trends over time.

Engagement rate

Recent Posts

View your recent posts and the engagement rate for each one. Engagement rate = Comments + Likes ÷ Followers.

Recent posts

Highest Engagement

View the posts that generated the highest engagement rate. Engagement rate = Comments + Likes ÷ Followers.

Top posts

Hashtag Leaderboard

Top 12 hashtags based on total engagement score

Top hashtags

Highest Engagement Filters

Displays your most popular Instagram filters in decreasing order of engagement.

Highest engagement filters

Compare Hashtag Performance

Compare engagement metrics for up to 5 hashtags on your photos.

Hashtags performance