Track Our Startup: Dasheroo’s New Dashboard Release is Live!

We finally got our software release for your dashboard live. Thanks to Josh, Nivi, James, Andrew & Court for an amazing job pulling this one over the finish line.

Here’s what  you can expect!

Export Any Dashboard to Google Drive

This is killer. You’ll be able to export any dashboard instantly as a PDF right into any folder in Google Drive.

This is great if you want to share your dashboards with your clients or your team. All in one place all the time.

Export a Dasheroo Dashboard to Google Drive

Simply go to Export, choose Export to Google Drive, connect your Google Drive account, choose a folder and click Export, it’s that easy! You’ll need to have upgraded to Grande or above for this feature.

Scrolling Insights

Scrolling insights for your Dasheroo dashboard

For insights like this one you can now scroll through your past posts!

We’ve been wanting this for a long time and we couldn’t be more excited about it. For those insights you want to see more information on, you can now scroll to see more posts. We’re adding this to the following insights:

  • Recent Posts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Highest Engagement Posts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Recently Sent Emails (MailChimp, more email marketing platforms to come!)

Insights Now Show Your Country Currency Code

If you track metrics that have a currency value it’s important for you to track your country currency. We’ve always given you the right “currency” but we’ve always had a US Dollar sign ($) in front of it. Now you’ll be able to report on your own country currency code in your metrics.

dasheroo dashboard: new release is live

Go to your Dasheroo account settings, click on Organization and simply choose your currency from the list. Then all of your dollar related metrics will appear with your chosen currency code.

Now that this release is done, more are lined up and on the way, so stay tuned!

New Release: Add Notes on Your Dasheroo Dashboards!

We’ve been asked by so many of our users to add simple notes to their dashboards and why not? Notes personalize your dashboard even more.

Dasheroo dashboards: NotesWhy would you use a note?

  • You want to describe in detail what the dashboard is to anyone you collaborate with.
  • They remind you what you’re looking at!
  • You want to make a note to yourself when you’re analyzing your KPIs and perhaps insert a link that has more information.
  • You want to leave a note for someone about a specific metric that went off the roof with a link to where the numbers are coming from.
  • You want to give a comprehensive description of how to use this dashboard. And because the notes SCROLL you can go crazy on the number of words you add in your note.

You can delete notes if they’re time-sensitive, you can add new ones, you can have as many as your plan allows!

There are so many ways in which notes can be incorporated into your dashboards for KPI tracking and explanations. Go ahead and add one!

New Release! New Dasheroo Dashboards for HubSpot

hubspotHubSpot has features for social media marketing, email marketing, web analytics, search engine optimization and a new CRM solution which includes deals, companies, sales pipeline process and more.

With the expert help from HubSpot, we’ve created 13 dynamic insights for your dashboards, with a few more to come in the near future.

Email Marketing

List Growth – View the total number of email addresses added to selected lists by day.


Dasheroo dashboards: Hubspot analytics

View what stage of the funnel your deals are in HubSpot.

Contacts – View the total number of contacts added to your HubSpot account in the given time period and how it trends.

Contacts Lifecycle Funnel – View a funnel insight that shows the lifecycle stages and the number of contacts in each stage.

Deal Stages Pipeline – View a funnel insight of the number of deals in different stages of the sales lifecycle.

Top Contacts by Lead Score – View a leaderboard report of contacts ranked by their lead score.

Workflow Performance – View a trending line insight showing the number of contacts in each stage of the selected workflow’s performance.


Displays the different sources of traffic and number of visits from each.

Displays the different sources of traffic and number of visits from each.

Sources Distribution – View the different sources and the number of visits, contacts and customers they generate.

Customers by Source – View sources of traffic and the number of customers each generated in the given time period.

Contacts by Source – View sources of traffic and the number of contacts each generated in the given time period.

Visits by Source – View sources of traffic and the number of visits each generated in the given time period.


Dasheroo dashboards: Hubspot analytics

Keep a close eye on how many leads specific keywords generate!

Top Keywords by Visits – View a leaderboard insights that ranks keywords based on the number of website visits they generated in the given time period.

Top Keywords by Contacts – View a leaderboard insight that ranks keywords based on the number of contacts they generated in the given time period.

Top Keywords by Leads – View a leaderboard insight that ranks keywords based on the number of leads they generated in the given time period.


These awesome HubSpot Analytics are available with the Dasheroo Grande ($19/month or Venti $49/month packages.

New Release: Alerts for Your Dashboards!

We’ve beeDasheroo dashboards alerts featuren on a tear with feature releases for your Dasheroo dashboards release the first part of this year with Infusionsoft analytics, our Push API, our Zapier Integration with hundreds of apps to connect to and now Alerts.

An alert is simple; within a given day, if a metric you track reaches, goes above or below a certain threshold, you get an email. What is this good for? You might want to know…

  • If you’ve got an amazing day of website traffic, double what you would expect, or conversely you want to know if it dips too low.
  • When your Facebook Fans blow up.
  • When your revenue hits a given number.
  • When you hit your clicks in a given Facebook Ad campaign
  • When your Survey Monkey surveys hit a specific limit
  • When your Campaign Monitor open rate hits 20%

They can be found two ways: on the top of your dashboard you’ll see a new tile called ‘Alerts’.

Dasheroo dashboards alerts feature

Or within an insight’s “settings” menu you’ll see an alerts link.

Dasheroo dashboards alerts feature

Just a few examples of how Alerts are cool. You get one Alert with Dasheroo’s Tall package and more with the Grande and Venti packages.

Ok, that’s it for now, get on in there and play with ’em!

New Facebook, Google, Stripe & Instagram Analytics Dashboards

We’ve been on a new release tear. Our Product Managers Nivi and Dharini working closely with our integrations team are on fire pushing out new integrations and insights for you to add to your dashboards and this one is far from a slouch! This time we went back to a few integrations to add more insights to our growing list of metrics we track: Instagram & Facebook Analytics, Google Analytics and Stripe.

Also many thanks to Court, our QA Manager who works tirelessly around the clock testing our code, especially when we have this many releases we’re juggling.

Facebook AnalyticsDasheroo dashboard: Facebook analytics for Reach Impressions

  • Reach broken down by Organic and Paid reach over time – This is great to see if your paid performance does better than your organic, then you can choose how to spend your marketing dollars.
  • ​Impressions, Reach and Engagement on one insight together – Instead of viewing each by itself it’s great to see them together.
  • Post Consumptions by Type – This insight can provide a measure of engagement beyond traditional engagement metrics such as likes, comments and shares. There are 4 types of consumptions –  link clicks, photo views, video plays and other clicks. Other clicks correspond to likes, comments or shares that generate stories.
  • Negative Feedback – The number of times people took a negative action by 4 types – hide clicks, hide all clicks, unlike page, report spam. You can view when you’ve been posting and how often and match if people are ‘dis’ liking your content and act accordingly.


Hashtag Performance

Track your #hashtag performance right in your Dasheroo dashboard.

Instagram Analytics

  • Hashtag Leaderboard – A leaderboard insight consisting of the top 12 hashtags you use based on the engagement to let you know how to use them in the future.
  • Compare Hashtag Performance – Choose and compare up to 5 hashtags (in the last 30 days) based on engagement metrics.
  • Highest Engagement Filters – A bar chart showing the top 5 Instagram filters you use in decreasing order of engagement.

Google Analytics

  • Enhance ‘Top sources by medium’ insight to include email and social sources – we just should had those included, our bad.


  • Revenue by product name/product description so you can tell immediately what’s flying off the shelf.


  • Failed Transactions – A table that shows the list of failed transactions along with the reason for failure within the given time period.

So what are you waiting for? Get in there and add them to your dashboards!

Our New Push API is Live: Why Does It Matter to Your Dashboards?

We’ve been talking about our new PUSH API for a while now, Andrew one of our most amazing developers has been bustin’ it to get this going. For people that aren’t sure what that means in our case it’s when a user wants to “push” data into our nifty-looking charts and graphs. Why is this important? In 2015 there were 1,876 vendors represented across 43 categories in marketing technology alone let alone any other SaaS category! We simply don’t have the manpower to get data from all of them for your dashboards. But there are a lot of developers in the world that could do it.

Dasheroo Push API ImageWe’re starting off by enabling a single data point (say “revenue”) on a line graph (other charts to come!).

Where Would You Find It

Users can find the Push API from the insight library as a separate app provider tile, 

Once the insight is added to the dashboard, you’ll be given details about the URL where your data needs to be sent. Based on the data , the new insight on your dashboard will get populated.

How We’re Using Push API for You

In the coming weeks we’ll be using the Push API with a partner called Zapier. If you don’t know Zapier you should! You can go to them to do a ton of integrations with applications you use.

For example using Zapier you can have two apps you use talk to each other like:

  • Save your Eventbrite attendees into a Google Spreadsheet automagically.
  • Tweet posts from a Facebook page
  • Save Instagram photos to Dropbox

So out of the gate any application that has an “trigger” in Zapier you can bring data into a dashboard. Think Quickbooks, Zendesk, Asana and hundreds of others.

So look for a bunch of new integrations in a few weeks as we roll this out more.

Dasheroo Dashboards APP: Now Live On the AppExchange

We’re super excited that you can now install your very own Dasheroo dashboards on your desktop right within Salesforce!

So Josh our co-founder and VP of Product took it upon himself (thanks Josh!) to give us a few dandy screenshots that will show you exactly how to set up Dasheroo within Salesforce. Josh take it away!

Dasheroo dashboards in Salesforce


Dasheroo dashboards in Salesforce


Dasheroo dashboards in Salesforce


Dasheroo dashboards in salesforce

Next step? Simply log in with your existing Dasheroo account. Don’t have one? Get one now free!

Dasheroo dashboards in Salesforce


Dasheroo dashboards in Salesforce


There you have it! Dasheroo dashboards right inside your Salesforce account! Go download Dasheroo it from the AppExchange and give us a review!

Track Our Startup: New Dashboards Release

Dasheroo's Infusionsoft CRM dashboards: Contacts

Have you seen our Infusionsoft dashboards?

As you know we just released Infusionsoft CRM dashboards but we can’t stand still! Our team has been busy on adding new insights and metrics to current insights. So without further adieu:

Email Marketing Enhancements

Google Analytics 

  • Added goal completions to Goals by source/medium
  • Added goal completions to Goals by source
  • Added goal completions to Goals by medium

New Infusionsoft Insight

  • Goal Completions: A trending line insight that shows the number of goal completions for a chosen goal within a specific campaign for the given time period.

What’s Next?

Our team is going nuts on releases. In the hopper we’ve got our push API where any developer can push data into our dashboards because a business needs better data visualization. Hubspot dashboards, Google Apps Marketplace integration, Sendgrid integration are all on the way since we’ve gotten a lot of requests from users for this.

We’re working on error messaging which sounds kinda ho-hum, but it’s not. Setting expectations that an error will fix itself is important and would save a user from a) being annoyed and 2) wasting their valuable time contacting us.

Stuff to article - 21 blogs to read guaranteed to get you more customers

Janine wrote this killer article for  21 Blogs to Subscribe to in 2016 Guaranteed to Get You New Customers. It’s a great list to have around. She also wrote The Chief is Laid Up With an Illness, Is Your Business Prepared?

What Else?

We continue working on our 5-year revenue model which is a bear of a project but we’re close. Our team is looking closely at a new pricing model to come fast and furiously, especially as we’re in dev with a ton of new features so stay tuned! Back to my spreadsheets!

Track Our Startup: Dasheroo for Agencies Released!

We’re super excited to announce that we’ve released Dasheroo for Agencies today. What do we mean by agencies? You could be an advertising agency, marketing agency, SEO agency, web development or consulting business or anyone who manages multiple team and/or clients.

Why might you like it? We just think it might take a pain in the butt problem of data gathering, management and analyzing across multiple clients, out of your way.

With Dasheroo for Agencies you can:

  • Dasheroo for Advertising Agency data exportManage multiple clients from one log-in.
  • Have access to the Agency Console for you to log into and manage your clients.
  • Keep all of your clients completely separate, no one can view the dashboard, unless they’re invited.
  • Share the dashboards with your clients…if you want to.
  • Share the dashboards with the team working on your client’s account.
  • Collaborate on your client’s dashboard so they know what you’re doing to drive the metrics.
  • Export to PDF and brand your pro-looking reports for your clients. They’ll never know about Dasheroo…if you don’t want them to!

How does billing work?

  • There is one billing relationship with Dasheroo so you can control what you charge your client for data management and reporting, a new potential revenue stream!
  • Manage multiple clients from your account. Distribute 60 reports to use on your client dashboards for just $129/month, get on it while it lasts!
  • Need more reports on your client dashboards? No problem! Buy bundles of reports and use them how you’d like.
  • Need more than 5 clients? Got you covered with our next tier of pricing. Tell us!
If you’re an advertising agency we’d love you to take it for a spin and let us know what you like and what you don’t. If you’re not an agency but still see the need to manage data dashboards from multiple teams, Dasheroo for Agencies is for you.

New Release: Export Your Dasheroo Business Dashboard

Fun data export imageWe’ve been working on this for some time now, it’s not an easy problem to solve, but today we launched the ability to download your amazing-looking business dashboard right into a PNG or a PDF. This feature is now available for all Grande users and above.

The dashboard export feature is available on all Dasheroo paid plans and it can be found within the “Share” section at the top of your dashboard. Just click the Export Dashboard option and you’ll be able to export your dashboard!

Screenshot of Dasheroo's PDF PNG export

Now you’ll be able to take your dashboard with you offline or present it to a boss or client!

Dasheroo's PDF export feaature.

Now get into your Dasheroo business dashboard account and start exporting!